Monday, March 10, 2008

My Boys

My boys watching the game. you can imagine my husbands delight when his son took an interest in Basketball. DS pushed and pulled that chair around just so he could set next to Daddy to watch the game. Note the basketball on the shirt.
Oh yes and there is my Statistics book lurking in the foreground. yes, I am always doing homework.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

I never thought

I signed up for this blog name because, well, I liked it and thought that maybe I would some day move my food blog from Fruitcake or Nuts to this one but never did. Now I think that I want to start blogging about stuff, life not just food so today I am starting that life post.

Apparently my 4 year old daughter is not feeling right today because she has been whining since she got up. complaining about helping with breakfast and then eating breakfast and how her crafts are coming out (she drew around her feet on paper and then cut out the feet) and now she is in the bathroom. She has been in the bathroom for about half an hour screaming my name (mama, mama, mama) to come whip her butt. Sorry I am not wiping your but, you have been doing it yourself for two years. I have to say I never in my entire life thought I would here this whaling through the bathroom door..."mama, mama, mama come wipe my butt, mama, mama, NOW!" I wonder if it will take another 30 minutes for her to give up and wipe her own butt...oh now she has changed to mommy. opop the toilet just flushed and now she is squealing at the top of her lungs, ahhhhh the joys of motherhood.